Jun 22, 2009

tripping on exams

i didn't click a single picture of the two-cities, i trotted in a span of 12 days. because i could see the visuals threatening the independence of my mind. I abstained from the purchase of memorabilia to be carried in the mammoth-sized luggage i was bagging. i instead chose to mutilate the frame and present some factual-made like fiction frescos below:

1. gender equality is best practiced in mumbai(i was the body guard to my 'modestly' good-looking cousin. This when my length of shorts was shorter than his at any given point of time.)

2.babies should never travel by air, because parents are lame at their attempt of psyching them with the "i'll throw you out of the window" threats.

3.you can never lose your way in the locals, because chances are that one out of the hundred heads will be sensible

4.the new entry to juhu beach will leave you at a remarkably dim-lit, thinly occupied place to have some good time.( i assume at this point of time no filth will match your dirty acts at 12 am there)

5.clouds are not making babies, i testified it in the plane(and so it didn't rain in the entire stay)

6."tamil teeliyam"(i cant speak tamil/shutup), is the golden word to be repeated the moment a black opens his zip.(you shouldn't think pervert coz they were dhotis and not jeans)

7.do not buy a power-vodka, no matter how much you feel like boozing,(contact my roommates for further details)

8.kanzivaram sarees clad with bata chappals is the look for the season(hurry limited stocks, order now)

9. pudhe station -bay of bombay( next station was always abhay. in his bland taste of life, he spiced up my entire trip)

10, oh, it reminds me. i have a cure for maggi mishap under the patent name of me and abhay(how to cook your maggi in the absence of a tastemaker)

11.the amount of sweat released in one hour of dancing equals to spending one minute in mumbai. and hence i missed dancing

12. collaba causeway is a must-visit. it boasts of some egypt style restaurant under a hardcore indian name 'bade-miyan' and shops which are too true to be fake. (for instance you will find under colours of benetton-a brightly lit up store standing proudly next to the United colors of Benetton.

13. a rare sight of beautiful people can be grabbed at theobroma's. it's because they are all tourists.

14.back home, i received the best welcome of my life. my pet came running down the stairs and refused to back off for the entire day

15. i am willing to take exams all my life, if they promise such a trip everytime.

Jun 8, 2009

at the end of the day

The stillness of night brings immense fulfillment to my locomotive thoughts(and limbs these days). This particular hour draws the final curtain that leaves my bones bare, before a nascent flight to dreams.

some days i read
some days i watch
while mostly i think

The sharks and frills(of the day) don't bother me much, as i proceed towards an end. A happy or deviant from it. Over time i can coherently say, that this form of end encapsulates both hope and aspiration in the most subtle form. Gradually releasing all the pent-up emotions, in it's no- stain(of that stinking memory),no-dirt claim.

some days it's enchanting
some days it's bitter
while mostly it's soothing.

Jun 2, 2009

strange new melodies seem to strum the unfamiliar territories of my mind today. anticipation, anxiety or accretion? i hold divided views on that. stranded at the end of the tunnel i gait backwards to redeem a fresh daisy hope. Traveling backwards can take you places. and i am curiously waiting for this phenomena to jolt my neutrons.

On a rolling stone, i experience rampant doldrums beyond the scope of generic perplexities of human mind. Like a final thwart prior to that much sought equilibrium. It will either destroy all or flourish the prospects of an inner societal peace.

one two three

Jun 1, 2009