May 31, 2009

the walk

leaping into
that other-world
is now more of a habit
almost noiseless
in our steps.

maps are drawn
into each others head
while straying
into our individual thoughts

witness the mortals
and immortals alike
how a journey
in those tiny steps
The musk of rain-moist earth hypnotizes my senses, in concurrence to floyd's crooning in the backdrop. "And aaaai, i become comfortably numb". i am almost static in my being save my mind which is catapulting in a flock of incoherent thoughts.
For some reason i can breathe life, even through a key hole today. While the aching belly is struggling hard to dampen my hydraulic muse. it seems it's going to be a long night, perhaps pleasantly long.

May 28, 2009

hope is survival

if i were to define life, i would think of cast away. If i were to define hope i will steer my thoughts to a football-face. And if if i have to define love i would ascertain both life and hope(in chuck noland's girlfriend).

Simplicity of this film is magical in it's colourful manifestation of thought-voyaged in to the plot. The dimensions of survival are procured endearingly in a single-location, single-shot actor with no background score and intermittently-heard monologue.

stuck in a rudimentary living, Noland's sorrowful four years belittle infront of his everyday achievements(lighting up a fire, breaking a coconut, humanizing the football. And that compels your mind to find strong nuances of discovery's bear Grylls.

a fiercely insinuating love for nature is subjected to adverse disgust as it bleeds into the nerves of one-man Chuck. If notorious tides weren;t enough, the sinister rains drown his happiness to a permanently inhabited abysmal.

As an advocate of solitude i found this setting hugely melancholic. Being stranded by choice is vastly different from being stranded by compulsion. desertion in it's callous form is a heart-wrenching experience, where the question of survival is preceded by the will 'to live or not to live'.

The prescription for survival is identifiably hope and a little bit of determintion just adds a pinch of salt to it.
as the greeting says, The best thing about this world is the world itself.

May 26, 2009

the glory of infinity

ever seen raindrops multiply,
at the brush of silvery clouds
performing a ballet
in the feverishly blue sky

the cooing cuckoo's
in the Garden of Eden
on hundred birches
singing sweet odes

and the whistling leaves
in their left-right sway
on a breezy evening
felt upon the traveler's sleeve

one two three?
no fifty,
and a hundred
was it that simple to be?

and what about
the flexing of your lash?
at my heartbeat
visible on your snow-white snout

calculate , come on
the doubling joys,
as hours trickle
by heaps and tonnes

May 15, 2009


and pain knocks my courtyard,
most subserviently this time
without a bang
with much fervor

almost tantalizing
in its incoming
and i fell multiple times
in my little home
like a bunch of nest
that splitters infinitely

pain, which is generally sweet
wretches your bones
when it gets into you
and today i let it enter

May 7, 2009

bed time stories

ever stared into the moon
pervading into the stillness
of night?
it talks to me silently
through it's sheen:

'of fantasies, experienced by open eyes
of hymns and chants soaked in wine
how artemis neared her m
while hermes watched her infectiously'

how easily darkness vanquishes,
in his pearl-like embrace
as ursa performs it's divinely ballet
to honour his tenderness

'glistening the sky,
draped in its ivory white,
ethereal in it's touch
to beasts and birds alike'

i see it at a comfortable distance
as it crashes straight into my land
without disturbing it's equilibrium
ceasing not to enhance it's high.