May 26, 2009

the glory of infinity

ever seen raindrops multiply,
at the brush of silvery clouds
performing a ballet
in the feverishly blue sky

the cooing cuckoo's
in the Garden of Eden
on hundred birches
singing sweet odes

and the whistling leaves
in their left-right sway
on a breezy evening
felt upon the traveler's sleeve

one two three?
no fifty,
and a hundred
was it that simple to be?

and what about
the flexing of your lash?
at my heartbeat
visible on your snow-white snout

calculate , come on
the doubling joys,
as hours trickle
by heaps and tonnes


Amiya chatterjee said...

Heaps and TONNES ( ????) of gratefulness for soothing my nerves

Chriz said...

i imagined a cuckoo in eden...

could picture these words.. good work

sadist_manoj said...

Pleasure X 1/0= This post......

p.s: 1/0 is infinity.....:-)

eddies said...

@amio- that too is the power of infinity

@chriz- sounds good