May 28, 2009

hope is survival

if i were to define life, i would think of cast away. If i were to define hope i will steer my thoughts to a football-face. And if if i have to define love i would ascertain both life and hope(in chuck noland's girlfriend).

Simplicity of this film is magical in it's colourful manifestation of thought-voyaged in to the plot. The dimensions of survival are procured endearingly in a single-location, single-shot actor with no background score and intermittently-heard monologue.

stuck in a rudimentary living, Noland's sorrowful four years belittle infront of his everyday achievements(lighting up a fire, breaking a coconut, humanizing the football. And that compels your mind to find strong nuances of discovery's bear Grylls.

a fiercely insinuating love for nature is subjected to adverse disgust as it bleeds into the nerves of one-man Chuck. If notorious tides weren;t enough, the sinister rains drown his happiness to a permanently inhabited abysmal.

As an advocate of solitude i found this setting hugely melancholic. Being stranded by choice is vastly different from being stranded by compulsion. desertion in it's callous form is a heart-wrenching experience, where the question of survival is preceded by the will 'to live or not to live'.

The prescription for survival is identifiably hope and a little bit of determintion just adds a pinch of salt to it.
as the greeting says, The best thing about this world is the world itself.


sadist_manoj said...

The second last paragraph was the difference between "Cast away and "Into the wild"......

"shawshank Redemption" also had the same theme as this post's title "Hope is survival"......few are films which change ur perspective at looking things....and this is one such marvel........I think you should thank the person who suggested you to watch the film...;-)

Aakash said...

The words you use are Moving and Influential . I like the whole Paragraph .

*You Rock :)

* Aakash