Jul 26, 2010


Your pretty compact face
dancing on mannequin's wrist
leading the oceanic mist
Every time you smile,
i look away
silent and melancholy
silently-you walk pass by

And your lips
like cold fire in blue sky
ash clouds filling sand castles
you whisper,
i scream
your home, my heart
in my heart-you walk pass by

The wild child of unnamed fears
your drapes- purple and lilac
you shimmer,
i shy
you stay, i float
in my depth-you walk pass by

Jul 12, 2010

rain as it comes

Little wolfs of the sky
how they rumble
and devour the sky
staging triumph
over the brittle brittle man
and his possesions
that flip and bite.

And by the quay,
a dream falls oval-shaped
the petrichor, as the wisemen say
cracks a faint smile
like a dopamine shot,
induced way way up
to clean his sense of the world.