Aug 11, 2008

a trail of seamless beads

together we move,
in the threads of singularity
isolated at each core
suspended like never before

a pull from the heaven
a push to the gravel
sinking into an absurd glory,
untamed, this story

colour, gender no bar
the lines of homogenity jar
in sync till the end
guided by no pole star afar

catapulting patience,
canvassing persisitence
together we move,i
n circles of doubt

there lies no call,
no craving, no fallg
uarded by instincts,
safest of all

will it make it this time?
the journey oh so sublime
till the darkest hour of is survival
touched by ghastly hands of man

nearer, nearer
as it gets to the far
in the rucus of this very hour
one blow and gone!

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