Oct 21, 2008

Behind 'Time'

10, 9, 8, 7 , 6 , 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

'your time has come lady'.

'your time has come'. followed by what? will the freebies fall upon me amid the paparazzi or it simply means i am gifted a rolex oyester spedking, for being on time. but hey i am never on time and i don't understand the fuss created over time.

even in the changing times people don't shy away from slyly putting 'Indian standard time', as a justification for arriving late in an event . And then there are deadlines, which clearly is the time for men at forty, to behave like fourteen, taking an inherent pride to break them, and experience the same joy time and again.

A survey conducted in America reveals 'time-out' is the third most popular phrase used by the whites after 'shut-up' and 'fuck off', which outshines than the fact that 98% of kindergarten stories begin with 'once upon a time', this is a clear victory, presuming you have by now joined me, in my race against time.

'mam may i got go the toilet'

no! this is not the right time, i wonder why kids don't assertively reply, 'time and tide wait for none', which is likely to piss off the the teachers though.

in a timely advice, once given to a friend, i realised the gaping significance of time in our lives. from birthday's to death anniversaries, everything is dictated by time,

'harsh times', 'good times', everything falls categorically into 'time of our life'. who invented this legendary time? but then talking about legends who came, saw and conquered at one point of time, would be a consumption of your precious time.

at times, we feel a sense of liberation in saying 'i don't have time', brutally honest it may sound, but is highly effective. And glaringly simple, i want to avoid you, so i don't have time, while time has scored brownie points already.

Centuries have passed and more shall, but the war between man and time will nothing but timeless.


Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Anisha,

It is a great pleasure to visit your nice and interesting blog for the first time.
Best wishes from Brazil:

cherubicgurl said...

Dear Geraldo,

thank you, i'm glad you liked it.

Amiya said...

Time created by humans become the enemy against the creator,Isn't it the story of creation itself.Remember SATAN ?