Jul 7, 2009

deeparture part 2

The voice of my heart reverberates through the four walls of my mind. sensations amass an enormous chunk of control and equilibrium. clocks are held are as objects of importance while days are being stalked like never before.

'belongings', 'attachments', 'longing' give way to 'anticipation', 'wait'and 'future', looking handsome in their new attire. It's quite a thing to see the whole present-future transition with eyes wide open while all you do is stand in quiet contemplation


Amiya chatterjee said...

When the Albatross spreads his/her large wings to fly its the sky that is in her mind . Nothing else ! No attachment , no detachment.No aspiration no apprehension.
There is only a pair of large wings and the sky.

NesQuarX said...

Funny. That's how every moment of my life evolves.