Nov 19, 2009

If one believes in the correlation between epidermis-blisters and guitar skills, i deserve to be inhabited in the hall of fame of rock n roll. In the past 72 hours i have developed sores akin to shoe bites. Now my fingers and toe-nails look like brother and sister born to same parents, unlike previous lengthy differences between the two.

it's true, sheltering yourself in someone's music composition in inexorably easy than building your own. It's only when you do music, you feel feverishly intimate with it. Yes, i experienced laughter spasm when my teacher spelled out "fingering-exercises" for me. Only to be shadowed by exultation of dancing notes on the fingers.


of smokes and barrels said...

Wait till the fingers start bleeding.

one advice, go easy on the fingers when it pains too much, or u'l have to sit out for the next two days....

easy and slow! :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, but don't you just love it when you keep playing through it all? (Damn that sounds so masochistically lame!)