Dec 16, 2009



A city that reads before it speaks

A sea that treats fish-breeder and eater equally

A rain that wets all but quenches none

a road that's safe even for a beautiful blind dame

a bus that greets politely to the beggar

a language that befuddles you but seldom belittles you

a dish that can be tasted only on sweaty fingers

a beach that storms you with aspirations

a jasmine that makes you sneeze until you wear it

a sky that undergoes frequent mood-swings

a crow that replaces pigeon in tamil films

a book that is categorically artsy

a dance that is performed till you retire

a raga that one learns in mother's womb

a drink that filters you from the mediocre

a film that is whistled more than its watched

a cosmetic-shop that only stocks fairness creams

a vehicle that is designed to rob you of your money

a tree that births weighty coconuts but seldom tires

a temple that has more shrines than devotees

a map that makes you lose your sense of direction,
particularly north.


Soumya said...

LOL. Humor at its realistic best. :D

eddies said...
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Amiya chatterjee said...

......and one before !!!!!