Feb 1, 2010

on the loop

The lines that follow are fleeting bubbles of a recollected cognition.

1. A new year is a new year even in the absence of merriment and pompous welcome

2. Tears are cowardly bastards that refuse to show up when summoned

3. Metal is good, the videos are not.

4. the desire of building a tree-house has steeped in course of multiple trips undertaken in the recent past

5. Dogs compulsively isolate themselves in their exiting moments. By this logic they become more profound than those on two-legs

6. writing letter is as necessary and beneficial as sky gazing on a full moon night

7. Facebook ensures you don't turn into a dim turd.

8. Love exposure is good for most part of the film

9. I have lost the stomach for binge-booze

10. John Lenon is a dude but Jim Morrison is an enigma

11. Southpark is not wrongfully hyped and eric cartman has a cute arse

12. A 17 rupee bus ticket to mahabalipuram kicks the butt of an average auto-ride worth 70 bucks for a one way rise

13. Bonne and clyde are coolest couple that have been around

14. Shoplifting is a foolproof mood-enhancer

15. Lucid dreams are irresistible

16. Dumb callers should be quarantined all together

17. A bloated fish possesses secret of the universe

18. fantasies are the only existential truth

19. crackers allow guilt-less binging

20. i have stopped missing people altogether and stop responding to those who claim to miss

21. Golu, the campus dog is not my foster-kid because I'm wheatish and he's white

22. Big words turn a writer into monopolist, fundamentalist too

23. blowing nose while bathing is a bad idea when you share room with three more who;re now forced to wake up at the same time

24. i cannot sustain fear of politics for the sheer unavailability of this philia

25. i should write more than a jabber of grammar-humiliating lines.

26. People think I'm nimble, i let them be

27. sleeping on an operational laptop is pure bliss.

28. Auroville, is haven for bohemians to paint themselves in colours and threads

29. jeanette winterson is the mommy of magic-realism

30. all this is crass

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Anonymous said...

20. nice decision