Aug 15, 2010

Happy independence story

Life moves in quirky designs. Only yesterday I was struck by Bob Marley's redemption song that talks about liberation in his typical typical da dee da sing-song. Ever seen its been looping in my head like a constipated pin-ball. And today I'm here, celebrating my liberation on the independence day eve in my pink shoebox-room.

My initial thoughts don't seem to vary much from last year when i first moved in to the back-of-beyond ACJ hostel. This time the high multiplies and literally speaking,for my shoe-box rests atop on the 5th floor offering a wide world-view.

This high in unmatched. This high remains unfazed. It's growing up part 2, this time only bolder. Read: squatting creepies in the middle of night amidst power-cut.

Hope the fragrance of independence remains as strong as now. It poured big today. My pink walls rake of over-baked candy floss. Talking of food, day one has been interesting. My landlord's family hailing from a cow-fat village of Haryana offered me ghee-inflated bread which I haven't had in years. My resistance was met by some cow-fat Haryanvi words which made me succumb and gobble it all.

So this was day 1. Updates soon to follow.

For now,Won't you help to sing
This songs of freedom
'Cause all I ever have:
Redemption songs;
Redemption songs.