Sep 2, 2008

A testimony to living

technology hailed (coming from a tech jerk).

Uncle sandler's soul,
his taste worth an oil Baron.

givson strings,
and duran's crooning(truly notorious).

mighty sentosa,
oblivion to the skinny chinks.

forrest gump,
running my thoughts(the current favourite).

Delhi's rain
wetting not just the body.( needless to say this)

epicurean Goans
perverted beauty (along with prawn curry).

black tee's
and faded yet fitted denims (Levi's rock).

the journo fascination,
sold now to advertising.

long island ice tea
(f)attributed to kick ass reveries.

enigma's sadness,
sprighted reading at Oxford(did i say reading people).

morning walks,
now a thing of past.

The maggi mania,
plate licking good.(sandler's ghost is now in fury)

and the journey into the wild,
curiously inspired by eddie vedder's solemnly tracks.

a quirky encounter
with a quirkier persona( accredited to different ear rings in my seemingly similar ears).

a humpy relationship
with a camel like specimen. (Dude i have started liking Rajsthan ).

scribbles and scribbles
of childish poetry( i scribble no more, thanks to technology).

The prudent grey,
for his timeless philosophies(closest to understand me).

Edgar Allen poe and Lord Byron,
about them you know ofcourse.

uncanny travails of a white goose
proprietor of unlimited booze(also pocketing my little booze)

favourite destination
the air conditioned metro (sans those shady stalkers p.s).

going green with envy on most of the occasions
pardoned for his exhuberant vividness(it's unfair to mentions somebody;s horniness here)

and mother of all insanity
teaches the entire world but couldn't teach me.

*i owe my existence, living and much more.

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