Sep 19, 2008


letters inscribed on the sea sand

of grief and esctacy,

grit and chastity,

bathing it's shore everyday.

with the fervour of a pirate

his incredible dexterity,

and unmatched mobility,

he writes and writes all day long.

looking up the crimson sky

he draws and paints,

and brushes the stains,

with musings from heaven and hell.

a conforming smile infuses his mind

for answers are typed,

and queries are snipped,

once a sand, becomes a closet now.

blessed with the knowledge of the world

tranquilised dreams,

in bits and reams,

he's never had this sleep before.

'hey there young man'

who are you?

where are you?

peturbed eyes now look downright.

trailing the other end

a blurred horizon

or blurred vision?

he hears a quaint sound.

and extends his hand to the strand



while the letters float, far away.

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