Dec 24, 2008

oh jesus!

The town is painted red, i see stars all over the place. In the crowded mall, at the coffeebar. a tiny one on the tea stall and mostly over my head. i see humungus stars, like the galaxy hovering on tin-tin and calvin. They get me dizzy, indicative of an apparent sickness. The christmas sickness.

Amid the gala of black santa at office(black is the new white, as said by obama), i made a few observations, worthy of the space here.

1> Christmas is a polite way of spreading greed. Like an epidemic, greed envelops everybody, from the sweet old baker to a barely talking two-year olds. Going by the indian definition of gift, in the times of recession, christmas will become the fastest route to bankruptcy.

2> Many of the christmas rituals were celebrated before Christ was born. Therefore it's easy to guess the amount of truth behind the cause of celebrating christmas as the 'birth of christ'. Acoording to historians, Romans declared 25th December to celebrate Saturnia-a festival of merriment. Whereas christmas was invented to compete the pagan festival on the same date. So christmas marked the birth of resentment, more than anything else.

(look how resentment is celebrated now)

3>How many people celebrating Christmas know even the c of Christ? The ones who know, seem to remember everything but the religious aspect of it. Most of us remember it for exotic plum cakes or the flamboyant rum and turkey delight. Applying the same logic of Diwali reduced to a day of free lunches complimentary with presents.


on the rosy side,

Christmas brings in gaiety and merriment to a lot of people. A lot of fat people get to make big dough in the disguise of the big donor, where kilograms are weighed in currency.

(The more the merry)


sunny said...

an interesting take on the celebrations lady!

"Going by the indian definition of gift, in the times of recession, christmas will become the fastet route to bankruptcy." - i disagree with that :) (that comes from an economics graduate, lol)

sunny said...
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eddies said...

i would have loved to dissent your disagreement, but then your academic qualification prohibit me to do so.:>

eddies said...

you have a gmail id??

Nawaid Anjum said...

Jesus! Quite a piece!

SePuLcHrE said...

SePuLcHrE said...

economics is nothing more than human science - or better the market science which arises outta common sense :)

the simplest way to explain is - the more money spent and invested, the more the economy grows :)

vaise sory for this stupid piece of knowledge....cuz its coming at a wrong place :)

i like what u write....would love to read more! (n now i have quite a lotta time too :p )

Amiya said...

Great compassionate thinking.The victim of the utilitarian,consumeroriented society helps who? Ah the Economist says : Pay heed to him no matter how the drunks end up in the gutter,no matter how many marriages get broken just because the wrong choice of gifts.Whose Economy ?

SePuLcHrE said...

arre baap re!!

i can go on n on n

wud just remark the word CHOICE!

thats where the answer lies :)

eddies said...

err, this post wasn't to arise hostility.

wise men kindly be mum.

SePuLcHrE said...

arre no hostility baba....what i meant was in....choosing what to do with ones resources!