Dec 26, 2008

the story

i have experienced the state, when i'm not comfortable in being numb. Despite of a splitting headache gruelling my enormous nerves. It's like looking up the sky and finding it immensely cryptic, when clouds seem familiar and strangers at the same time.

There is no respite because there exists no problem. There is no pain, for there is no hope. This all engulfing feeling is 'nothing' and nothing is surely pervasive today. Meanwhile jaded hands try to sync with coldplay, crooning lonely in the backdrop of a frameless mind.

Wish i could explain the point from which things appear blurred. Like a deviant shadow, difficult to discard, and dangerous to keep. The truth is i demand a lot and never give up.

This is where the story ends or begins perhaps.


Oddball friend of skeletor said...

which song by coldplay was it...

[thought I'd read your blog too... since u were kind enough to read my randomness]

eddies said...

this was fix you,

couldn't fix me though.

randomness is always chasing itself.

Amiya said...

HOW CAN YOU DISCARD THE DEVIANT SHADOWMY DEAR !The shadow and the object(Subject)are not seperate.

SePuLcHrE said...

beautifuly expressed :)