Mar 24, 2009

i proclaim

1. not to expect anything because expectation is ungratifying
2. to induce a sense of clarity in all my endeavors, because you cannot live in grey forever
3. to see through things for their greater hidden cause
4. nothing can devastate me, as long as i 'think' acknowledge love in all its manifestations
6. to understand animals better than social animals is instinctive and faith is worked upon
8.what can't be reasoned cannot be acknowledged have no regards for self-depreciating morons
10.that silence is the most beautiful thing two people share, provided they are in love
11.acceptance is survival
12.its good to shed tears (annually) is best lived in moments and experiences learn to differentiate between 'impulse' and 'instinct' value the power of expression do things only if they interest me
17.defeat is not purposeless
18.its not difficult to understand nature's plan if you see it on a large size map
19. words are a thing of joy as long as they are put to correct use
20.relationships are complicated if you don't know what to seek from them look for depth in matter and its anti
22. a person who has learnt to be alone has learnt to live
23.generalisations tend to confuse me, because no two people are same
24- to watch closely my thoughts every time i wish to express
25. independence is a necessity
26. i am born to dance apart from what i do
27. yes you can read a person like a book, over and over again provided it;s interesting
28. shadows aren't deceptive. just know yourself well
29. everything has an innate music, pleasant mostly
30. worldly age is deceptive

i believe in i and surrender everything else to it.


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

this is fantastic!!
love it
believe it
and want to follow it myself

eddies said...

hey go make yours varun

Soumya said...

Loved the thoughts Anisha. Each line has some meaning to all of our lives, no?

sadist_manoj said...

intelligently introspected.......Nice..:-)