Mar 14, 2009

a night well spent

After flipping thirty pages of a stray magazine, fatigue began to hit her tremendously. She is lying on the magazine in a half-dead state, pretending to ignore the marching hands of the wall-clock.

ten minutes to two, eleven minutes to two, twelve minutes to two.

Sleep eluded her from several days and today was nothing different. She is in no mood to track her eye-lid movement. It was fourteen blinks per minute yesterday. So, she decides to track the obscure shadows instead.

By 2.40, she possibly became familiar with all the neighbourhood car alarms. She saw her head tapping to one. In a sudden twitch, her neck began to hurt badly which coaxed her otherwise stiff body to see the night of the day.

Emergency lamp is turned off.

Like a glaring warden, emergency light of the phone commands her tiny pupils to expand. She had flashed her phone at the window after hearing quaint noises. As she began to concentrate, she felt the window at the extreme corner of the room, being smashed by a pointed object. Perhaps a knife or an equivalent sharp object. It induces copious fear in her now fully-awaken system.

She trembles incessantly as she follows the continual low sounds of the abrasive glass.
It's quarter to four and she decides it's time for some immediate action before the robber makes his way through the glass window. Meanwhile she thinks of peeping throught the window but rules it out as it might alert the robber who would in turn injure her.

She formulates a plan or rather two. She plans to get to the kitchen and collect all the dangerous tools of mass consumption. red chilly powder always yields results. She decided she'll blow the red elixir into the robber's eye through the tiny slit betweent he window and the grill. This plan seemed perfect until she realised she will be all alone executing it and it didn't go quite well with her.

So, she decided to wake her mother in the adjacent room instead. She quickly tip-toed and frantically woke up her devilishly sleeping mum.

"Are you okay?"
"You sure it's not a dream?", asked the groggy-eyed mum.

She voiced her fear in the most aggressive manner and convinced her mother of the robber's misdoing. Together they marched at the battlefield, to the adjacent room. On the way she explained how swift these robbers are screeching the glass pane, in order to break it and enter.

Her mum sheds a drop of sweat, while she is bathing in it. She remains near the kitchen, backing up her carefully chosen resources while her mum walks up to the window.

Mother fixes her eye and tries to follow the sound. Her breath is tight and is released in a cranky haul at the window. She lifts the asian- sky- shop excercise rod and knocks it against the window, producing a loud meowwwwwwwwww.

it's 4.25 and she burries her swollen eyes unto the ground, while the mother walks away into her room grumbling .


Soumya said...

Loved reading it. you managed to hold the suspense till the end so well. Keep 'em coming. Never knew we have a 'O Anisha' here :)

God bless.

SePuLcHeR said...

"ten minutes to two, eleven minutes to two, twelve minutes to two"

that was interesting :P
i assumed it will all go backwards ... but .... thats all a stupid mind can think about :P

eddies said...

@soumya and saurabh

that was very encouraging.

SePuLcHeR said...

guess u never read my comment....or din :D