Nov 16, 2008

Angry young(and older) man

anger is the second name for 'inflated ego'
anger is the hazardous black which ignites the matchstick, burning homes
anger cannot be controlled. It makes you loose control,
anger is not a tornado or a low tide, it is but a cumilation of both, on a moonless night
anger equals to destruction, anger is anti-peace
anger is the bullet, injuring wisdom
anger cannot be CHANNELISED, it burns all the routes,

i stop here, i don't think anger in any form can dispel any of the above stated. so venting it is out of question. it's more like a treadmill, the more you pull it out, the more it comes to you. Most importantly it hinders the foresight, rupturing your very faithful sight for that matter.
Having said all this one cant really stop treading anger, but be aware of its destination. 'awareness' is conspicuously essential but comes with a twist here. The more you make the world aware of your anger, the more will be its repercussions, which would mean instead of burning four windows, you burn six now. Anger becomes an Achilles heel, faltering your own steps here.

Those who say that anger is momentary and is good to vent it(the 5 minute volcano active-volcano dies policy) for it's very good riddance is nothing but casuistry. Because they are the people who ignore the implication of that 5 minutes of untreated fire. Anger breeds in the periphery of your conscience and when you channelise it, you allow it to grow. It must be killed at the point of origin itself, that's where awareness comes into picture. Anger cant be defeated, it has to be depleted. Go, angry young man, kill it before it kills you.


edson_dias said...

I think anger works for each person differently.Some people get hurt, while other get angry. I disagree with you when you said anger cannot be CHANNELISED, cause when I'm angry, I paint. i turn it into something productive. painting also helps me analyse the very core of what made me angry, so I can be aware of it the next time it tries to surface.

cherubicgurl said...

awareness none the less.

Anonymous said...

Anger. The part of your "inflated ego" you cannot control, but oft let yourself be controlled by.

"To vent or not to vent?"

I think, if one can confine it to its origin, which requires a lot of hard work put in it, then its okay to be vented out. This form of venting would often mean that one turns into something productive, to quote edson. But, beware, if one lets anger and lets it loose on oneself and the world (?), well, one burns internally, and the world remains as it was. All that remains is burnt thread and a burnt spool.

cherubicgurl said...

good to see your first comment herein.