Nov 24, 2008


Painting by Edson Dias

unheard voices,
sneering glances,
chained in sermons
of a convoluted self.
why do i become what i never was?
through the glamorous process
of birth, lust and mediocrity alas.

where beauty of a flower
remains trapped in rosy verbose
where seasons flutter
in the storm of thoughts
through robotics of wit,
and sarcasm, bleeding profuse,
in this ghastly 'all'

the delicately woven reverie
couldn't make it to the top
for all there lying,
was a nail bearing ball
as million faces plunged in cavity
which deepened only remorse
greying every single day

oh cowardly soul, what fears you the most
a heartless form or a broken heart in hand?


edson_dias said...

you've brought my painting to life. :-)

eddies said...

:-) been a pleasure.

Manish Asani said...

...never could imagine such a touch of class! Great Work!!!

Manish Asani said...

...well, you do not know me, but for your info, I am jus' a person who knows how to appreciate the few good things life has!

Hope you do not mind my sneaking into your blog...

eddies said...

ofcourse not.

good to have you here.