Nov 9, 2008


In the most trivial of conversations, i was interrupted(for the good) and told that life can be explained in as simple as three sentences -
1. when you see a hill and call it a hill
2. when you see a hill and not call it a hill
3. when you see a hill and call it a hill

to my shock, i didn't bear the trademark 'confused' look, which is clearly the look to hint out that i unapologetically doubt other person's normalcy. However everything made so much sense this time around, and to my shock i saw myself nodding (again)to the explanation of these sentences

stage1: when we see a thing as 'it' is, as per the norms and conventions. That is 'A' for apple and 'H' for hill. Where we most statedly adopt the baggage of our ignorant ancestors and remain in convenient bliss.

stage 2: which statistically me and my friend found that only a handful of people enter into, where a hill is anything but for a hill. i mean the mere reason that it bears a pointed conical top, or coloured brown in their sketch book fails to justify its occurrence as a hill. in other words it's the 'why' stage, where questions form a pile of square, tart, box anything but for hill.

we also mutually came to a conclusion, that it might be hard to get to this stage but it is multiplicatedly harder to move ahead
a. it brings in lot of instability
b. it tempts you to loose focus at every nook
c. if a hill is not a hill, it is open to a subject of debate, it can be a stone which is pelted on him time and again, which creates a ruckus followed by dismay.

chances are that he might be lost, at every seeming turn and keeps on moving round and round around the pointed, conical land form.

Stage3: not even handful of people make it here, but those who do need no explanation of what it feels like to see the same hill now. After having seen a hill, perceiving it to be anything but for a hill and accepting it to be a hill. Mind you, the word is acceptance here, by the virtue of interrogation, unrest, introspection, experiencing, inference and more, a hill is so placidly defined as a hill. and these are the people who know a hill is more than a conical, pointed land form-enlightened attained, gone through purgatory.

i am travelling each day to make my way to 'the top', 'a hilltop'.

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