Jan 27, 2009

dare be the truth

ballads are often misunderstood as songs,
lake is often confused with a river
heat is dangerously described as warmth
and reality is repetitively lived as dreams

and one fine day myths are broken, only to elevate to you to a greater realm of truth~

Truth embraces you in it's monotone, where misconceptions are befriended only to be stabbed later. At first it grips you in an endermic pain, for the grief of ' living in misconceptions' is hard to part. But once you're through, truth surprises you by its sheer power. It's when ballad, lake, heat make far more sense as dreams seen with open eyes, than a long cherished fantasy.

Truth is all pervasive, for it sets no standards of good or bad. All it demands is willingness to accept and the valour to confront it. No wonder, dreams of gold is weighed down by pocketful of neighbourhood sand.

Truth is a miraculous healer, it leaves no room for a temptatious escapade. It brings in confirming clarity to steer on unsteady paths. Truth is reassuring, it brings no false promises.

Nomatter how hard it might be, truth is the only way to sail through hardships.
Truth won't conquer, it already is a winner.


Amiya chatterjee said...

Wonderful SERMONS almost thundering.

SePuLcHeR said...

true.almost true.

but how often do we see truth healing?? doesnt it wound u? or scratch ur wounds .... every now n then??

eddies said...

truth is you, truth is me
and everything in between. It's what you see from closed eyes and bet everything on it.