Jan 15, 2009

fear is,

waking up at the middle of night, walking past her in a tip-toed manner. Deluding the sounds emanated from the nocturnal crawlies. The fact that the disguise of a musketeer will fade any moment under the discoloured skin of darkness, hearing her groan in the backdrop.

She will be calm as a falling leave, surrendering herself to her bemusing fate and i will be the giant spectator feeling tiny as the house rodent. My world will topple and shatter mercilessly on my toes. 'What could have gone wrong?', 'i took all the measures', 'i love her the most'

i weep,
i weep more,
until i feel my wet face buried under the pillow, as the alarm clatters violently


Xtr0 said...

Pain personified.

SePuLcHeR said...


eddies said...

@ashwin- may be may be not
@saurabh- thanks

shivansh said...

painful.....not in the literal sense....but more so in the metamorphic sense......deep....vrry deep...i lyk it!

eddies said...


glad to see you.

Amiya chatterjee said...

Siddharto had the fear,Jesus had the fear,Socrates had the fear too.
On and On.
Fear is there with inevitability.
But you have afriend inside your silent Foetus> He whispers "Do not fear,I am here next to you on your pillow.