Jan 18, 2009

the incomplete arc

At the horizon,
lies a smile, to shed hundred tears for,
to swizzle like wind,
tickle the golden hair,
oozing into the tiny ear

At the horizon,
lies warmth
sans the ebullient sun.
for the gleaming eyes,
know the trick
to melt an ardent heart.

At the horizon,
promises will be made,lived in every breath,
the fingers may not curl
for lips will be touched
in ballads of nestling love

At the horizon,
the wait for another day,
will be replaced by 'next minute'
spent in fables,
made of tell-tales together

At the horizon,
the sun, the wind, and the day
will see the amount of life
induced in
orange, purple, blue and green.


Nawaid Anjum said...


Amiya chatterjee said...

A rainbow is an arc ! When it appears ,two points in the horizon,howsoever distant they are are connecteded with the spectacular,brilliant vibgyor light,THE THIRD FORCE.We look at the rainbow with AWE and murmur few waords of wish (prayer).As usual poetries always melt the stone.I love to chase you here.

eddies said...

i love to chase you everywhere, only if you reply in turn

Richa said...

U r a good writer, I must agree, ur stuff really provided with what they call - food for thought. Will definitely read more as I get time. Thanks for visiting my blog and keep visiting. I have a new entry too.

eddies said...

thank you richa