Feb 7, 2009

the interface

pain spirals through cavernous
spaces of universe,
in its hysterical form
entwined in prosperous arms of hope.

dust becomes gold,
gold bereft of its shimmer,
in its eventful surrender to sand
through a perpetual abrasion with rock

and comes a point when suffering
is mistaken for strength,
like a spectacular umbra.
cast upon on a ghastly crest.

'hell breaks lose,
as hope combats it's
outlandish optimism
in it's quest for survival
ravaging its long worshiped gods.'


Winnie the poohi said...

Wow girly! you are too good!

Anonymous said...


Amiya chatterjee said...

Spiralling sunset sky,colurs of REMBRANDT canvas.Painful sunset.Meaningful pain , meaning ful supplication,Meaningful Hope like a look of a broken cup.
There WILL be sunrise again with delightful desire of surrender....
totally selfless.
The pain, the spiralling sunset, the fugitive Gods
All inside you, Allin one.