Feb 21, 2009


i was tired of running,

chasing shadows of anon,

like a cryptic verve

surrounding the moonlight

until i saw the design

to man's fury.

his integrity lost in his self-consolation

just before

his reclaim from his chaos.


Winnie the poohi said...

Ah yes! Can fit some ppl from my own shadowy past.. beautifully simple!

Amiya chatterjee said...

Proclamation ( revealation)
You were tired of chasing even with your artistic vigour....until you met the dsired design in elemental fury of a MAN.Fury almost like tornedo.
( Ibelieve you pitied him,didn't you when he consoled himself with surrender....LET GO LET GO
You think his integrity lost.NO, By that he reclaimed what was his ,even in the chaos or caotic chase.
You revealed yourself well.
Every reader like me would delightfully discover himself in your poem.

eddies said...

@winni the poohi:

:-) thanks

yes, you were the muse, We happen to be one anyway.

SePuLcHeR said...

u somehow ended up saying something so deep....so intense .... u tend to with ur words.... but this ones kinda special :)