Feb 2, 2009

unanimously misled

Until yesterday the skies
froze to the colours of grey,
the world may have looked a sundry place
while it drenched
in its visions of dismay.

Beheld, the figurative clouds
tricked and frayed
the horizon
like a whizzler on a sunny day
and a saint wrecking damages to the bay

illusions, delusions, mysteries, what not!
failed to make up for its own discord

just as the silver lining
flung to pieces
as a frail sunshine, consumed it all
lapping sight
from the arms of its mirage

"let there be storm in the guise of gust
or be heaven dressed in absolute crimson."


Chriz said...

there will be a rage soon.. lets enjoy the calmness now...

good lines

eddies said...

rage is over.

you're running late actually

Anonymous said...

Let there be light. And then there will be darkness. It will move in circles, as it always does.

The crimson you robe the heaven in, is the sunshine blurred. The sun, is as bright as it always would be, the only problem is that you have dimmed your own sight.

The storm, that you so ardently talk about, consists of your own breaths, threatening to tear the sky asunder.

Illusions, delusions and mysteries are an impeccable part of life. There wouldn't be much of a life without the aforementioned.

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

this is really powerful anisha..
i really like this

Winnie the poohi said...


I am blog rolling u.. and shall be back :D